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I am a hard-working and ambitious designer, with a track record of delivering projects successfully, on time and on budget. I have over four years experience working at two leading consultancies - Cambridge Consultants and Pearson Matthews
I see design as a key business tool, and feel it is much more powerful when used within the context of a sound business plan. I am looking for a role where I can be involved at the strategic level of projects, as I believe the product definition stage to be absolutely crucial to the success of the product.
I have good interpersonal skills, as part of a team, as a team leader and when working directly with clients. My communications skills are strong, and I have presented Pearson Matthews' Healthscape 2015 project in Parliament, at MDT 2003 and to numerous clients. As I progress I want to develop these skills, complemented by the wider issues of market analysis, trend research, sociology, and demographics and how these manifest themselves in concrete solutions.

t: +44 (0)7799 331887
e: matthewjamesyoung

D.o.B.: 19th Nov. 1975;
Marital status: married;
Driving license: full, clean;
Nationality: UK/Canada - I carry both passports.