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history of the maggie jean
mso boatyard
plumbing & electrics
overall interior stuff
final details

Apologies for the quality of some of the pictures - all but the last picture in each section was taken with the camera on my SonyEricsson T-610, and they are hence not very good. There's one good pic at the end of each section though.

The sets of images show the progress from the initial condition of the boat, through to the stripping done at MSO, and then the work I did back at the pier.

This included filling in all the pitting from the rust with epoxy filler, and sanding it all back to a good smooth finish - this took ages as there was loads of pitting caused largely by the neglect of the previous owners.

Once this was done I applied three coats of two-part epoxy paint from Thames Coatings in Southall (they've no website, so if you want to find them best try yell.com) to the body and similar stuff to the detail work.

Finally the windows needed to be fitted - I ordered them from Channelglaze, and after some minor dramas with the included self-tapping screws that were not self-tapping, the job was finished.