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Nurofen Mobile Pack
Mar 02 - Sept 02
Pearson Matthews

To bring a brand-focussed packaging concept into production.

Key Skills Developed:
- Client liaison, presentation skills, effective review meeting facilitation;
- Technical development, engineering liaison, initiation of manufacturing process, supplier/tool-maker liaison.

- A broad range of concepts had already been developed by the time I joined the project
- My role was to take an approved concept and bring it to production as fast as possible;
- This included resolution of technical issues, CAD team management, production specifications, supplier sourcing and production process facilitation.

- Develop a number of concepts for realising the mechanical functionality, user interaction and styling. - I then led a number of interim review meetings, both internal and with the client to present the progress.
- Once a favoured route was selected for progressing, I coordinated the engineering team, materials - the precise finish of the silver is central to Nurofen’s brand identity - and liaised with the tool-makers, moulders and the Nurofen team to ensure the product’s smooth transition to market.
- I particularly enjoyed the challenge of incorporating the technical and user challenges with the dominant Nurofen brand identity.

- The product is on the market now, and has sold so well that Nurofen extended its initial one-year availability indefinitely.
- BHI initiated three more development programs with us on the back of the success of this project.
- The mobile pack has also won several packaging awards.