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Interior Details...

This bit is very much a work-in-progress, so I will add bits and pieces as I go along, blog style, as it's easier to keep on top of...

Sunday, 23rd January 2006

I now have a bed!! How incredibly luxurious! During this visit I completed the shelving underneath the bed and added the slats. I also put two bars across the window to make sure there's no chance of you putting your elbow through it in the night. I heaved the futon off the floor and slept on there for the first time. The bed is 2m long, which meant I had loads of leg room, and I'm 6'2".

With this done, I also tore out the kitchen, so that when I come down next I can attack the plumbing with nothing in the way.

Bed completed.

Grubby futon on floor goes up on bed and becomes deluxe, instantly.

Lots of storage underneath.

No kitchen.

View from front.

First barbie of the year.


Tuesday, 7th February 2006

I spent the weekend in London again this weekend, and largely finished building the berth and the bulkheads. I made the beginner's error of ordering untreated timber. I didn't want to shell out for an electric plane so I ended up planing all of the poxy stuff by hand which was a nightmare. Still, it's solid as hell and soon I will actually have somewhere to sleep! I replaced the floor, but haven't treated the wood against moisture yet. The berth is designed to be as high off the ground as possible so I can build in plenty of storage underneath. That's next!

Floor replaced.

Untreated bulkheads.



Thursday, 12th January 2006

Inch thick polystyrene sheet was used as insulation, seeing as it is not reactive to water so won't rot over time. Once this was cut to size and in position the tongue-in-groove was secured to the joists to which the windows were screwed to create lining. Next task - custom corners and a bit of beading to tidy the edges and it should look very good. I'll also be painting it white to avoid the 70s Swedish sauna look. Not that that's bad... in the right time and place!

Also, the rotten hole in the floor caused by the old bath has been cut away and now awaits replacement. Once this is done, work can begin on the berth and the bulkheads.

Insulation goes up.

Lining added over top.

All the best equipment...

Job nearly done!

Finishing around edges still needs to be added.

Rotten wood cut away and ready to be replaced.


Sunday, 10th July 2005

Once the windows were installed, work could begin on the interior. The pics below show how gutted the Maggie Jean was before I could start rebuilding things.

One of the only things working was the little stove, so there was heating, and bed was a futon on the floor. The sink worked - that is it was watertight and drained properly, the taps weren't working - so I had somewhere to wash, with the aid of a kettle.

You can also see the timber that the window screws were drilled into, and it was to this that I intended to attach the lining.

View aft.

View fore.

Remains of kitchen.

Damage caused by bath.

The only thing working!

Damian's old cooker.


Earliest pics

Once at MSO it became clear the whole thing had to be entirely gutted, largely due to rotten workmanship. The bath had leaked enough to rot all the ply underneath for example, and everything else was so jerry-rigged it just had to go:

Original condition of the inside: