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In June 2005 we spent a fortnight in Madagascar, and before going we couldn't really find any useful information anywhere, except for other people's blogs and personal websites. Even the Rough Guides were out of date, so we had to rely on what other people wrote about their experiences and have decided to return the favour. So we're going to tell you what we did while we were out there and make any general points about Malagasy travel it seems fair to make when they come up. But mostly, there will just be lots of pictures.

Disclaimer: We are not hippies, naturalists, trustafarians or in search of our true selves. We went to Madagascar because we had some airmiles and thanks to the holiday preferences of Brad and Angelina, Zanzibar was unavailable.

Day 1 Arrive in Antananarivo & travel out to Andasibe
Day 2 - Day 4
Andasibe & Parc Perinet
Day 5 - 6
Travel to Tamatave and on to Ile Ste Marie
Day 7 - 9
Ile Ste Marie
Day 10-12
Ile Aux Nattes
Day 13
Ile Ste Marie
Day 14