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Plumbing & Electrical Systems...

This bit is very much a work-in-progress, so I will add bits and pieces as I go along, blog style, as it's easier to keep on top of...

Tuesday, 5th September 2006

Plumbing: I sold the Maggie Jean in May, which caused me more than a few sniffles, so here are the pictures of the last of the work that I did on her before Kirsi took over. I tried to install as much of a plumbing system as I could, but the pictures below are as far as I got. Basically Kirsi took on the project as seen, and I did as much as I could before walking away for the last time and pretty much had to leave her to it. Bye bye old girl, good luck!

Beginnings of the kitchen system.

The pump-out tank and shower tray.

The macerator pump and the loo.

Sunday, 23rd April 2006

240V System: Last weekend I finished off the last of the 240V ring main system. Having torn out the kitchen I was able to link the port side to the starboard. I attached a socket to the outside of the boat to plug in the pontoon supply, and drilled a 20mm hole in the cabin (with some difficulty) to insert a gland for the cable to pass through. This went straight into the back of the fuse box on the other side, which has a breaker on the neutral and on the live connection for double safety. Given there are also circuit breakers on the pontoon and up in the main room on the pier as well, it would seem to have rather a lot of fail-safes built in. It was some feeling of triumph to actually plug something into the new sockets and turn it on for the first time. Woo hoo!

Wiring in fuse box, with double breaker.

Exterior plug and gland for cable.

Fuse box finished off

Please note what this lamp is plugged into!


Thursday, 12th January 2006

12V System: This system has been more or less removed. I have kept all the wiring where it is, but closed off the ends with connectors. Basically, a 12V system is unnecessary in a boat that is being designed as a houseboat, except to run the water and bilge pumps. So I have left it all there, should anyone wish to resurrect it in future, but to all intents and purposes the Maggie Jean will be designed to run everything - even the fridge and the lights - off a 240V domestic ring main.

240V System: As NEP has permanently available mains power this will run the bulk of the systems on the Maggie Jean. To do this, I will locate a junction box at the front of the boat, under the kitchen unit, and run a 16A circuit from there, around the boat.

Plumbing: Not started yet - this is going to be a major project and will need a chunk of full-time attention in the Spring. The rotten hole in the floor has been cut away though and is ready to be patched.

Old 12V system tidied away.

New 240V system starts to take shape.

Sockets await wall to be mounted upon!