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This year, my list most definitely doesn't accord with most of the indie music rags I read.
(Imagine my horror when that Hard Fi abomination made it on to Uncut's 50 best of the year. Shame on them!)
The Decemberists

Completely nuts, but utterly inspired. If you ever get the chance to go and see them live, do so!
Andrew Bird
The Mysterious Production of Eggs

Tighter and less meandering than Weather Systems, but a better album.
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
Cold Roses

Having put some awful recent stuff well and truly behind him, Adams is back in the rudest of health. His other two albums this year almost made the list too!
The Arcade Fire

They bring a certain theatrical chaos to an album of brilliant indie rock. It took me ages to realise just how good this album is.
Blinking Lights & Other Revelations

A wistful, uplifting, nostalgic, wandering collection of understated brilliance.
Bloc Party
Silent Alarm

This year's Killers - a storming album of rock brilliance - set the bar so high that none of the subsequent 80s revivalists came close.
Maximo Park
A Certain Trigger

May not be the longest-lived indie-pop band in history, but they've produced an irrepressible album here.
A River Ain't Too Much To Love

Hushed loveliness. It's barely recognisable as Callaghan, but there's a sparse folky lushness here that is fantastic.
British Sea Power
Open Season

Moodier and mellower than their last effort, and takes a while to grow on you, but worth the time.

The Postal Service
Give Up
Stray electronic noodling embellish an atmosphere of cosy intimacy, given exta texture by the vocals of Death Cab's Ben Gibbard. Lovely stuff.