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This page will contain links to various musicky things. I would imagine a lot of artist's websites, and maybe some commercial ones. Coming soon...

Interesting new internet based stuff:
last.fm - Evolving online radio station that changes what it sends you, depending on how you rate it.

Music Periodicals:
NME - Great site with lots of samples and preview stuff.
Uncut - My subscription of choice at the moment.
Comes With a Smile - an ever improving fanzine, with a free CD. Can't recommend this lot highly enough.
Word - Currently do a really good 'Best of Upcoming Releases' compilation most months - I wish Uncut had stuck to that, but there you go. I'll get over it.

Record Labels:
Anti - Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Jolie Holland, Eddie Izzard, Marianne Faithfull...
Cooking Vinyl - Billy Bragg, Grant Lee Philips, The Wedding Present, Clem Snide (in the UK)...
City Slang - Calexico, Lambchop, Yo La Tengo...
Fargo - Andrew Bird, Clem Snide...

Other Stuff:
Winamp - really good software. According to my brother, who is a sound engineer, the Pro version is the business too.
BBC 6 Music - If I were a radio station I would probably want to be this one!
XFM - Although these are pretty good too.
Fopp - Excellent music retailers, although maybe getting a bit big these days. They allow returns too, which is good.