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Given that the voyage was basically East to West this whole image reads the wrong way round, but that's the way the map has it, so who am I to argue.

If you click on the thumbnails you'll see the really rather excellent pictures my friend Matt took during the course of the day. He is the official team photographer, which probably makes a nice change for him because the bulk of his freelance work consists of photographing incredibly beautiful models at L'Oreal functions, which must be an awful chore.

Given that the Hesperus' engine flooded over a year ago and hasn't been used since I must confess I never thought she'd start in a million years. But, after pinching the battery from the Lagom and bleeding the fuel injection line she started first time, which made me feel everso manly.

So, with Andy on board - who clearly knew exactly what he was doing - we set off. And made it, amazingly. In fact the whole journey went off without a hitch which, given the state of the boat, seems no less than a minor miracle. And thanks to Matt I can now tell the story in pictures...

So, click on the thumbnails to the left to see the colour pictures I took before we set off, and those over the map to the right to see the black and white ones Matt took of the voyage itself.

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